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Intricately layered,
exclusively designed 

The Lattice family of luminaires seamlessly blends innovation and striking design features across three distinct shapes. 

Elegance in layers 

Each Lattice luminaire holds one single, robust form with multiple elegantly intricate layers. Lattice is a masterpiece of metal 3D printing, offering not just a light source but a centerpiece that commands attention.

LATTICE by Eureka

Softened spaces

Lattice’s layered complexity is not just aesthetic; it’s a deliberate design choice that lets light pass through delicately, creating a gentle, ambient glow. Lattice creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in a space.

Shape of sophistication  

Whether sphere, cone, or cylinder, each Lattice luminaire is a statement of luxury and modernity. They are not just lighting fixtures; they are sculptural elements, ideal for those who appreciate the finer details. 

Exclusively available
on demand 

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